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Joe Silvera, of the Silvera Jewelry School, was here at Rio Grande in August to teach a class on soldering gold-and silver-filled metals for our Summer Workshop Series. Heather Apodaca joined Joe’s 2-day class and learned to make a simple ring project using faceted round wire. In today’s post, Heather shares step-by-step instructions for making this simple eye-catching ring!


Rio’s new TurnAbout™ Wire and Block Displays offer durability, versatility, and a pleasing-to-the-eye design. Check out The Studio today, to see how they can showcase your work!


A few weeks ago, Rio Grande released new WHITE COPPRclay™ from Metal Adventures, and the response has been tremendous! To celebrate the design options this clay offers, we are sponsoring a contest, and we invite to you enter by posting your WHITE COPPRclay™ jewelry designs—or expressions of love—to our WHITE COPPRclay™ Pinterest board! For all the details, check out today’s post on The Studio!


Rio recently introduced new WHITE COPPRclay to its line of base metal clays, and every clay artist in the building could hardly wait to work with it. After giving him some time to experiment, we cornered Rio Grande metal clay artist and Tech Team member Thomas Flores and asked him what he’s discovered about this exciting new color of COPPRclay. Read about his experiences today at The Studio.


Have you heard? WHITE COPPRclay™ is here and it’s bringing a mind-blowing new dimensions to designing with base metal clay! Check out our latest post, by clay artist Yvonne M. Padilla, and get the low-down from an expert on this incredible new medium…


As jewelers, we love our tools and supplies. We cherish our trusty old pliers, torches, gemstones (and a slew of other items), and here at Rio, we are always on the lookout for the newest, latest, and greatest items that we hope that will become a staple at your bench, giving you years of productivity and creative inspiration. Today, on The Studio, check out our list of a few of the coolest new products introduced in 2013.


When Phil Poirier, of Bonny Doon Engineering, showed his new urethane hammer to Eddie Bell, vice president of manufacturing at Rio Grande, Eddie was immediately excited by its possibilities for jewelry-making and said, “Man, that’s a hydraulic hammer!” Although the Bonny Doon urethane forming hammer does rather look like a colorful plastic hammer, it is actually so much more than that! Take a look at today’s post on The Studio, and see what this dynamo can do for your metal forming!


This weekend, I attended my first JCK show—and wow, was there a lot to take in. Rio Grande’s booth was chock-full of tools and equipment—and the “Rio Superstars” who demonstrated them to scores of interested individuals asking, “So, how does this work?” The air was filled with the great energy of questions, sharing, and “ah-ha!” moments.


Aluminum has proven to be extremely valuable for its durability and corrosion resistance. This light-weight metal’s bright finish won’t tarnish or oxidize, and it’s hypoallergenic. Oh, and it’s also light on the pocketbook. Find out why you should add aluminum to your jewelry-making repertoire. . .


It seems to me that the line between “art” (what I see in my mind’s eye when I hear the word, anyway) and “jewelry” is the most fuzzy when it comes to cameos. Today, on The Studio, we’re featuring a few very special Signature cameos inspired by the work of artists, Alphonse Mucha and Erwin Pauly. Take a look at these stunning Signature cameos and leave us a comment for a chance to win one for your own collection!

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