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Forming, riveting, raising, chasing, goldsmith’s, texturing—so many hammers for jewelers to use (the list goes on and on)! Here at Rio, we L-O-V-E hammers. We love them so much that we stock well over 100 hammers and hammer kits. With such a wide range of choices, how do you know which hammer or mallet to use? Today’s post on The Studio will take some of the mystery out of hammers and show you the exciting array of hammer resources available on Rio Grande’s website!


Rio’s new TurnAbout™ Wire and Block Displays offer durability, versatility, and a pleasing-to-the-eye design. Check out The Studio today, to see how they can showcase your work!


Rio Grande customers have written thousands of reviews over the past three years, and those reviews offer you valuable information that can guide your purchasing choices. Today on The Studio, we spotlight a few favorite 5-star products that you shouldn’t miss, and we remind you how much we want to hear from YOU! Leave a review and join the conversation!


This month we’re celebrating “May is Gold Month” with a special edition of our What Are You Working on Now? contest! Just as the weather is warming up, gold is HOT, and we’re eager to see what gold pieces you’ve been working on! Enter the May is Gold Month WWoN? contest for a chance to win a $100 Rio Grande gift certificate and a moment in the blog spotlight!


Nickel in jewelry? The general public is showing a growing interest in the nickel content of the jewelry they buy. As a result, more and more of Rio Grande’s customers are asking us about the nickel content in our findings and fabrication metals. This is understandable because a significant number of people have allergic reactions to nickel.


Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Are you looking for a boost in sales? Need ideas? Personalized pendants, rings, and bracelets for moms and grandmas are still a leading trend. And Rio has the supplies you need to stamp it with love for Mother’s Day. Here are a few items that’ll get you started on a stamping trend, and just in time for Mom’s special day.


A few weeks ago, Rio Grande released new WHITE COPPRclay™ from Metal Adventures, and the response has been tremendous! To celebrate the design options this clay offers, we are sponsoring a contest, and we invite to you enter by posting your WHITE COPPRclay™ jewelry designs—or expressions of love—to our WHITE COPPRclay™ Pinterest board! For all the details, check out today’s post on The Studio!


Spring is here! Today, on the Studio, Bernadette Bennett shares her tips for dressing up your jewelry with fresh, colorful, spring-inspired packaging!


Rio recently introduced new WHITE COPPRclay to its line of base metal clays, and every clay artist in the building could hardly wait to work with it. After giving him some time to experiment, we cornered Rio Grande metal clay artist and Tech Team member Thomas Flores and asked him what he’s discovered about this exciting new color of COPPRclay. Read about his experiences today at The Studio.


Have you heard? WHITE COPPRclay™ is here and it’s bringing a mind-blowing new dimensions to designing with base metal clay! Check out our latest post, by clay artist Yvonne M. Padilla, and get the low-down from an expert on this incredible new medium…

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