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Rio Grande. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
A Berkshire Hathaway Company.

All Hallow’s Eve is upon us! A mere two days until the dead rise, the coffins empty, the werewolves go feral, and the costumed-children come to steal your hard-earned candy. So what can one jewelry-maker do to make it through the night? Never fret, true believer: Rio is here for you, and we’ve got a frightening number of products that’ll keep you safe and sound during the vicious monster onslaught!

Everyone knows how much we love jewelry, but did you know that we’re mighty fond of animals of all stripes? See some of Rio’s best friends…and be one of ten people who win a custom-made nametag for YOUR animal!

The thing about gold, is that mankind has been entranced and seduced by it through all the ages. For a change of pace, today on The Studio, we’re sharing a couple of great stories about the seamy side of gold!

On a recent silly day, I was chatting with fellow blog contributor Spencer Baum, and Spencer said that he “would totally wear” a belt buckle made out of a Nintendo game controller. Without even thinking about it, I piped up and said “Hey! I’ll make one for you!” The conversation got sillier and the ideas got bigger. And before I knew it, I had volunteered to make not one, but TWO belt buckles – one for Spencer and one for his son, Rowan. Come over to The Studio and check them out!

Happy Friday the 13th! Are you a superstitious sort? If so, you may want to acquaint yourself with a little bit of history about three famously cursed diamonds. After all, you never know when a TAINTED jewel may find its way to your bench…

Last week, Rio’s blog group stepped into a conference room, closed the door, and read your jewelry haikus. More than 150 entries in all, ranging from beautiful to witty to hysterical. How could we possibly pick just one?? We couldn’t. There were so many amazing entries, we felt compelled to give out multiple prizes. We broke your haikus into different categories, and have awarded a winner (or in one case, winners) for each category. . .

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day! We love an excuse to do some rhyming, and since we didn’t have any snakes to drive out of the building, we encouraged our fellow associates here at Rio to whip up a ditty or two for your reading pleasure. If we are a bit self-indulgent, please forgive us!

Take a look!