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Rio Grande. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
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Every week or so, Rio Grande posts a call for entries on its Facebook fan page. These quick little contests call for jewelry and art objects that meet various parameters. We’ve asked for everything from filigree jewelry to cloisonné pieces. From PMC pieces to horse-themed jewelry. Take a look at today’s post to learn how you can “get in the jewelry game,” and have your craftsmanship admired by thousands!


Did you know that every day of the week, Rio Grande’s Twitter page is abuzz with jewelry industry news and Rio Grande updates? Your life is busy, so we want to make it simple for you to find interesting and relevant information in ONE place. Our Twitter feed delivers up-to-date news on the jewelry world and on the hottest Rio Grande products.


Social media holds many opportunities for promoting your jewelry business, but where do you begin? One effective—and manageable—place to start is to create a business page on Facebook. Millions of people post, like, share, make buying decisions, and see your images and posts on Facebook. Here’s how to gather your own fan base on Facebook, from start to finish.


Rio Grande customers have written more than 7,000 reviews in the last two years, and those reviews are available to you, to help you decide whether or not to buy a product. In a dynamic internet that asks you to filter through useless information every day, reviews are filled with important information. Information that matters to your life. Product reviews are a powerful example of how your words can impact your experience!

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We love social media! Whether it’s pictures of our classes on Facebook or chatting with artists and jewelers on Twitter, there are so many great ways to keep in touch with all of you. Lately, we’ve been playing in Pinterest an awful lot. It’s a fun spot to discover and share cool pictures, ideas, pieces, and more. As our presence on Pinterest ramps up, I thought it’d be fun to spotlight a few of our favorite boards and what we’ve been doing on them.

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Do you have your finger on Rio Grande’s social media pulse? If not, you may want to tune in! We actively post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course to The Studio — Rio’s Blog! We’re constantly sharing tips, tricks, inspiration, AND best of all, we love to host contests and giveaways! Take a look at what we’ve been up to.


You asked for it, you got it: Rio takes PayPal! We wanted to do whatever we could to make it easier for you to shop with us, and now you and every other jeweler worldwide can use PayPal for your tools, supplies, and more!


What’s your favorite color? Recently, Lisa Juen blogged about her favorite shade of HOT PINK and her fantasy of one day owning a kiln in that perfect shade of pink. What followed was a twitter conversation with Rio and before we all knew it, a HOT PINK kiln was on special order for Lisa! We love when social media makes things happen around here! We also love it when we can accommodate unusual requests for valued customers. Join us on The Studio to read Lisa’s story!


Promoting and selling jewelry on Facebook can be a great addition to your online jewelry business. Here are some basic tips on where to begin from the team behind Rio Grande’s own Facebook Fan Page.