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In today’s post, Candace Gates shows you how to use BRONZclay and the Rebecca Chung “Mystic Manor” Dynasty texture sheet to create a beautiful book pendant that opens and closes.

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Pearls are timeless. They’ve never really gone out of style, but lately they are popping up in the fashion mainstream in a fresh and modern way. Today, on The Studio, Mark Nelson demonstrates a simple method for mounting pearls using pearl caps and epoxy. With this method, you can use components to create a wide range of jewelry designs from earrings to bracelets to necklaces.

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Designed by Bill Fretz, the Fretz Jeweler’s Sledge Hammer is ideal for forging heavy wire, rod, or sheet. Today, on The Studio, Bill makes a striking twist forged bracelet using his workhorse sledge hammer.


The best way to keep your tools in excellent working condition is to perform periodic maintenance. Although this is common sense, it is often the most neglected task. Today, on The Studio, Tim Sheriff of Swanstrom Tools shares great tips for maintaining cutting edges on both your Swanstrom Disc Cutter and your Swanstrom Super-Flush Cutters. This is a must see for maintenance of some of your favorite tools!

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Stone setting is hard work. To master the necessary skills you’ll need precision, patience, and plenty of practice. Blaine Lewis, widely recognized as the premier diamond-setting instructor in the U.S. today, understands this and invented TrendSetter Wheels which allow students to repeatedly set stones without setting up an individual mounting for each stone. Learn more about Blaine’s genius Trendsetter Wheels today on The Studio.

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Today, world-renowned jewelry designer and instructor Ronda Coryell demonstrates some great techniques, tips, and tricks for working with Argentium Silver. Don’t miss a chance to learn more about this remarkable metal from the best of the best!

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See one. Do one. There’s nothing like learning from a pro when it comes to setting gemstones. Through his videos and DVDs, Blaine Lewis teaches you one-on-one how to use your burs with precision while setting gemstones. Learn this and a whole lot more about how to set stones like a pro. Get started in today’s post at The Studio!


Anodizing is a simple and fun way to add color to your niobium work. What, you don’t work in niobium?? Why not? Niobium is hypoallergenic and naturally silver-gray with an extraordinary capacity to take on color using nothing more than a micro anodizer and a cup of electrolyte.

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Reticulation is a technique that presents a beautifully patterned surface finish, which lends itself well to a wide variety of jewelry designs. Eager to experiment with reticulation? Today The Studio features a how-to video, in which Mark Nelson demonstrates ways to use this technique to achieve unexpected and wonderful texture.


Ashli Brooke Taylor created her Baroque-inspired Copper Pendant using the Bonny Doon hydraulic press. This innovative and powerful tool allowed her to direct all hydraulic energy on the design rather than expending her own physical energy on forming the metal with a hammer. After you see Ashli’s beautiful results, you’ll be asking yourself what YOU can do with a Bonny Doon!

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